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  • Spresi: http://cds.dl.ac.uk/cds/datasets/orgchem/spresi/spresi.html

    Please find below the following information about SPRESI, a chemical structures, reactions and properties database, which you can now access; this Organic Chemistry service is being run as a free-to-use service for all registered members of staff at UK academic institutions. This trial is set to run for 1 year:

    SPRESI is a database consisting of chemical structures and reaction information providing direct access to over 6.1 million structures and 3.85 million reactions. It also includes over 31.7 million pieces of additional information such as chemical and physical properties, reaction conditions and keywords abstracted from the primary literature. It can thus be compared to both the SciFinder and Beilstein/CrossFire and probably Index Chemicus, and I believe it provides addition and complementary material to all of them.

    The rights to the SPRESI are held by InfoChem GmbH and the Chemical Database Service (CDS) at Daresbury has made arrangements to make the SPRESIweb system available to its user community for a full evaluation trial. If this is successful we hope to be able to make the system available to the UK academic community on reasonable terms.

    The CDS provides a full range of databases free at the point of user access. It currently operates under a contract with the EPSRC. Any long term funding mechanisms for addition systems such as SPRESIweb are yet to be decided, but  feedback and advice from the community is most welcome at any time.

    Any member of the UK academic community can register to use the CDS (NB). As mentioned all components of the Service are available free of charge to eligible users. We have recently sent up an Express Registration procedure

    and you should expect to receive your username and password by email within 10 mins of submitting the online registration form. Further details of SPRESIweb are available via the link

    for general details of the Service go to the frontpage

    As ever, I would be interested in receiving any feedback you had about this for future reference.


    Jon Fletcher