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  • ‘Colors of Chemistry’ calendar

    Some news for those interested in any/all aspects of colour:

    Each year in the Colors of Chemistry calendar, CAS attempts to answer intriguing scientific questions with information from the CAS databases. This year, we answered questions on topics ranging from environmentally friendly fireworks to glowing fuel rods in nuclear reactors; from promising anti-cancer agents in redwood trees to distinct forms of iron oxide on the surface of Mars.

    Reflecting our ongoing efforts to be more environmentally responsible, the 2010 Colors of Chemistry calendar is now available in new digital formats. Download the entire 2010 calendar as a high-resolution PDF or access the new interactive web calendar. Images from the 2010 Colors of Chemistry calendar are also available as wallpaper for your desktop and in a screen saver application.

    To learn more about all of the new digital formats and to register for access to the new web calendar, visit http://cascolors.compexinc.com/.

    Tony Machosky

    BBC2: Darwin Season

    The following program is being recorded for library stock, and will be available for loan shortly:

    Don’t miss ‘Did Darwin Kill God?’ tomorrow at 7pm on BBC Two This one off special explores whether the theory of evolution undermines belief in God. In the programme, Conor Cunningham, philosopher and theologian at Nottingham University, will present the argument that it is possible to believe both in Darwin’s theory of evolution and in God.

    Equis and Canis

     Equis and Canis provide up-to-date clinical information for people working in the veterinary profession.  Search by keyword, browse topics or look up specific drug therapies.  Content is enhanced by comprehensive cross-linking of related results, images and sound.  Browsing by topic provides a link to the latest published research in PubMed  and related websites.  Click here for a demonstration.


    These resources have been set up as single-user standalone resources due to licence restrictions.  They are only available on two PCs in Resource Room B.  When you log on to the relevant PC (Canis – BMLGB-02; Equis – BMLGB-03), a shortcut to the resource and a user guide will appear on the desktop. 

    Send any questions or feedback to Heather.