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    Scientists Save Even More Time Keeping Up-To-Date with the New MaterialsViews.com

    By resourceshelf on Source File

    From the Announcement:

    MaterialsViews.com, the news service covering the latest developments in materials science, chemistry, and physics, has been updated with new features that help materials scientists keep up with the latest research.

    MaterialsViews.com’s professional scientific editors scan the materials science, chemistry, and physics literature, looking for the most interesting, exciting, and relevant breakthroughs in all of materials science as soon as they are published. They then distill the best papers into concise summaries that can be quickly scanned so busy scientists can identify the papers they want to spend more time reading.

    Finding articles is faster on the new MaterialsViews.com, with improved navigation and layout. New individual channels for hot subject areas–including nanotechnology, polymers, energy, electronics, photonics, surfaces, and more–let scientists focus on the stories most relevant to their research.


    It’s also easier to find upcoming events and conferences, and the new MaterialsViews.com jobs page can help locate the perfect career opportunity anywhere in the world.

    MaterialsViews.com is a free resource.

    Source: Wiley (via KnowledgeSpeak.com)

    ‘Colors of Chemistry’ calendar

    Some news for those interested in any/all aspects of colour:

    Each year in the Colors of Chemistry calendar, CAS attempts to answer intriguing scientific questions with information from the CAS databases. This year, we answered questions on topics ranging from environmentally friendly fireworks to glowing fuel rods in nuclear reactors; from promising anti-cancer agents in redwood trees to distinct forms of iron oxide on the surface of Mars.

    Reflecting our ongoing efforts to be more environmentally responsible, the 2010 Colors of Chemistry calendar is now available in new digital formats. Download the entire 2010 calendar as a high-resolution PDF or access the new interactive web calendar. Images from the 2010 Colors of Chemistry calendar are also available as wallpaper for your desktop and in a screen saver application.

    To learn more about all of the new digital formats and to register for access to the new web calendar, visit http://cascolors.compexinc.com/.

    Tony Machosky

    Genetics and Evolution – a new Internet Resources Booklet from Intute: Health

    Dear all,

    Intute: Health and Life Sciences has just produced a booklet of Internet resources on Genetics and Evolution, which can be viewed at http://www.intute.ac.uk/supportdocs/geneticsbooklet.pdf  This is the latest in a series of guides which offer a sample of the kind and range of resources held in our online database.

    Whilst you are welcome to download or print the online version, we have also produced printed copies which are available to UK higher education institutions.

    If you would like to order copies please do so by responding to this email or by using the Intute Help Desk using the “Leaflets and publicity” option in the dropdown menu.  We are happy to send a small number of print copies (up to 50) free of charge as long as stocks last – please be aware that it may take up to 28 days for us to process your order.  For larger orders please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    We hope that this new booklet will prove useful to you and would be very interested in any feedback.

    Thank you,

    Carol Collins.

    Intute: Health and Life Sciences,


    SciFinder® Solutions Web Page Updated

    SciFinder® Solutions Web Page Updated! Dear SciFinder Key Contact: SciFinder Solutions has been updated! The web page features an article about the newest podcasts in the SciFinder series: Nanotechnology―The Key to Solving the World’s Energy Question, Clues to Unraveling the Mysteries of DNA to RNA Transcription, and Diamond of the First Water. Visit http:www.cas.org/support/scifi/sfsolutions/index.html to read the latest news.


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    BBC2: Darwin Season

    The following program is being recorded for library stock, and will be available for loan shortly:

    Don’t miss ‘Did Darwin Kill God?’ tomorrow at 7pm on BBC Two This one off special explores whether the theory of evolution undermines belief in God. In the programme, Conor Cunningham, philosopher and theologian at Nottingham University, will present the argument that it is possible to believe both in Darwin’s theory of evolution and in God.

    Darwin Season

    Good morning,

    The Darwin Season on the BBC continues this week – see the BBC website for more information.


    Jon Fletcher