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    Please send any FAQs to either Heather or Jon

    Who writes this blog?

    This is the College of Science blog maintained by Jon Fletcher and Heather Parsonage, Liaison Librarians from Library & Learning Resources at Nottingham Trent University.

    How soon will a resource be available for use once ordered?

    This depends on format of the item(s) ordered, the publisher,  whether item(s) are currently in print (or are new publications) and various other factors.  It also depends on the demands for resource processing within LLR (each item needs to be catalogued), though an order for a typical book takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

    Can I be notified when resources I’ve ordered arrive?

    Yes – reservations can be placed on items if they are required for teaching/research; please ask your Liaison Librarian (preferably when titles are being order). You will be informed when items are ready for use.

    How do I digitise material?

    Email lib.digitisation@ntu.ac.uk for more information.

    How do I add my work to IRep?

    See this FAQ page for more information

    Who is my Library Representative from my academic team?

    College of Science and Technology: Christian Thode (Biosciences), Gareth Cave (Chemistry & Forensics), Haida Liang (Maths & Physics), Claire Minshull (Sport Science).


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